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Paddle installation set for PS5 controllers

Paddle installation set for PS5 controllers

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Paddle spare parts are now available individually or as a complete set for the new DualSense 5. Get a real competitive edge with this modding kit and add two more buttons to the back of your existing PS5 controller. This brings enormous advantages in first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Fortnite. The paddles allow you to aim, jump and lie down at the same time, so you don't have to take your thumb off the stick. This would not be possible without paddles. An absolute game changer and a must for every gamer who wants to prove themselves in the competitive arena. Many eSports players and Youtubers put their trust in these paddles, which can also be used at official tournaments!

PS5 remapper mod chip. This modding kit is fully compatible with the new PlayStation 5 DualSense 5 controller and converts your PS5 controller into an e-sports compatible controller, also known as a "Scuf controller". The complete set contains all parts required for the conversion. After the conversion, the controller retains all of the original features and has been expanded to include additional buttons on the back. By default, the mod chips are assigned "X" (left) and "O" (right). If you prefer a different occupancy, simply message us with your occupancy when purchasing.


Colours: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, neon yellow, neon blue, neon purple, gold, orange, purple
Different screws
Mod chip with 2 buttons
Suitable for the DualSense 5 controller
All soldered
E-Sports - Suitable for all FPS shooters
Paddles can be individually adapted to your own needs by heating them up slightly, e.g. with a hair dryer (delivery already adapted)
Easy installation (need to open controller)
Completely ready for installation
100% fitting


1x Paddle
3x screws
1x PS5 Remapper Mod chip with 2 buttons wired and soldered
1x wrench


5 days


30 Tage kostenlose Rückgabe möglich

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