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Xbox Gaming Controller GameSir G7

Xbox Gaming Controller GameSir G7

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The Gamesir G7 Xbox Controller is a wired Pro Controller designed specifically for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It offers an ergonomic design and high precision. With the Gamesir G7 Xbox Controller you can enjoy your favorite games on Xbox or PC without compromising performance or comfort.

The Gamesir G7 Xbox Controller offers you an optimal gaming experience with its high-quality components and functions. It has a non-slip handle that feels comfortable in the hand and two back buttons. It also has four vibration motors that give you realistic feedback and a turbo mode that gives you an advantage in fast-paced games. The controller is compatible with all major Xbox games and also supports the Xbox app on PC.

The Gamesir G7 Xbox Controller is the ideal controller for all Xbox fans looking for a high quality and versatile controller.

Discover a convenient and new way to optimize your Xbox gaming setup with the Gamesir G7 - the ultimate customizable wired Xbox controller. This controller is designed with two interchangeable faceplates that are paint friendly. It also offers a hair trigger mode, additional back buttons, Gamesir Nexus software and much more. Design your Xbox controller the way you want and stand out with individuality and special customizations, be it for yourself or as a special gift for others.

Compatible with Xbox Series

Design your own unique Xbox controllers and stand out instantly. With two interchangeable, paint-friendly faceplates, you can paint and customize the G7 as you wish without having to disassemble the controller. Enjoy the freedom to express yourself creatively, whether for yourself or a loved one.

Simply connect your favorite headset to the built-in 3.5mm audio port and quickly control the volume - be it the overall volume or the voice chat volume - without additional software. You can even easily mute your microphone with a quick press of the mute button, indicated by a clear red indicator light.

The controller has two different vibration motors in the handles that produce strong and fine vibrations. Additionally, there are two motors in the triggers to deliver feedback directly to your fingertips. Experience realistic and precise feedback, whether from bumps, shots or driving over uneven surfaces.

The Gamesir Precision-Tuned Tech in Hall Effect Analog Trigger offers unmatched smoothness and precision in its class. This technology responds to the slightest adjustment of your fingertips thanks to pioneering Hall Effect technology. There is even a quick switch to hair trigger mode especially for FPS and action gamers: To do this, press and hold the M+LT/RT buttons until the controller vibrates. Whether you need precise linear control or ultimate responsiveness, the G7 controller gives you the competitive edge you need.

The algorithmically optimized joysticks guarantee seamless 360° precision control with 0 fluctuation, 0 deviation and 0 circularity errors. Using the Gamesir Nexus software, you can even set the deadzone to 0 and switch between standard and exclusive "Raw" modes to improve the gaming experience in various games. In addition, the anti-friction slide rings ensure extremely smooth control, reduce stick friction and extend the life of the controller.

Gamesir's specially tailored tactical buttons feature a 5-layer structure. Microswitches ensure quick operation with a minimum key stroke of just 0.6 mm. The embedded kit, consisting of a soft rubber pad and holder, allows for satisfying keystrokes and creates a crisp, yet cushioned key feel.

The Gamesir G7 was designed for pro-level gaming and offers 2 additional back buttons that allow you to flexibly map your gaming actions during the game. You can easily load your favorite key bindings both with and without software. The assignments are immediately programmable and synchronized in real time.

Gamesir Nexus software expands the customization options and fun with the G7 controller. Create custom controller profiles by assigning buttons, optimizing D-pad diagonals, customizing sticks, setting the trigger zone, configuring vibrations, and more. You can even set the deadzone to 0 and switch between standard and exclusive 'Raw' mode via the Gamesir Nexus software. Enjoy exclusive pulse triggers for all games. You can save up to 3 profiles and use your preferences for each game. In addition, the software also allows you to update the firmware for your controller.

The Gamesir G7 is specifically designed to give gamers the ultimate competitive advantage. With a polling rate of 265Hz and a low response time of <0.004s, it eliminates input lag and enables dominance on the battlefield by making every movement more seamless.

The texture on each trigger ensures your fingers stay firmly under control even during quick actions, while the textured rubber grips on the back keep you comfortable all day long.


Platform: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11 Connection: wired, 3m removable USB-C cable
3.5mm audio jack: yes
Microphone mute button: yes
ABXY buttons: Microswitch
Hall effect sticks: yes
Analog triggers: ALPS, Hall effect magnetic sensors
Vibration motors: yes 4 in total
Trigger back buttons: yes, 2 assignable
Quick lock: yes, 2
Customization software: yes, Gamesir Nexus
Battery: no
Product size: 152 x 103 x 63mm
Net Weight: 221g
Packaging size: 160 x 118x 84 mm
Gross weight: 426.3g


1x GameSir G7 wired gaming controller
1x Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
1x 3m Type-C cable
1x user manual


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